Pentens® T-308M

13 Jan
Pentens® T-308M Crystalline Cementitious Waterproofing Compoun Description A reactive crystalline type waterproofing material which creates long chained complexes a non-soluble crystalline to seal concrete pores and capillary tracks. Uses -Foundation wall and slab. – Water tanks, Reservoirs, Sewage and Water...
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Distributor dan Aplikator Waterproofing Semarang

7 Jul
Distributor dan Aplikator, Waterproofing, Floor Hardener, Epoxy Floor Coating, Injection Concrete, Protective Coating, Water bar, Repair Structural, Joint Sealant, Coring, Grouting System, Trowel Finishing, & Suppliers PROFILE CV.DWI KARYA JAYA PERKASA CV. Dwi Karya Jaya Perkasa sejak 2002 adalah Perusahaan...
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