Pentens® T-308FLEX

13 Jan

Pentens® T-308FLEX

Pentens® T-308FLEX

Self-Healing Crystalline Waterproofing


PENTENS T-308Flex Self-Healing Crystalline Waterproofing is an engineered silane coated nanoparticles crystalline waterproofing that derived from nanocapsule core-shell technology which is a two-phase waterproofing system


A green building material that suitable for using as a waterproofing /protective coating on concrete / mortar structure. Areas of application include:

§ Foundation walls and slabs
§ Roof decks
§ Potable water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, sewage and water treatment plants
§ Underground Vaults, Elevator pits
§ Bridges and tunnels
§ Parking garages


  • Easy to use .
    § It works as a dual purpose waterproofing system; Flexible anti-crack waterproofing membrane instantly when it gets cured and initiates crystal formation in a long run.
    § Self-healing of cracks in concrete / mortar by crystal formation.
    § It resists strong hydrostatic pressure.
    § Non-toxic.
    § Environmental friendly.
    § Cost effective.



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