Pentens® T-304

15 Sep


Pentens® T-304


High Elastic Cementitious Waterproofing





PENTENS T-304 is high elastic, thixotropic two pack material consisting of high solids polymer with modified cement bound mineral powder. PENTENS T-304 is free from chlorides and any other corrosive substances.

  • Waterproofing systems for bathrooms, roof
    decks, balconies, water tanks
  • Sealing and protection of bridge decks,
    parking decks, splashing zones, tunnels
  • As anti-carbonation coating in new and repair protection system
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly Flexible
  • High water resistance
  • Breathable membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to Brick work, concrete /
    masonry, other cement bound surfaces
  • Seamless, non-toxic
  • Permeable to water vapor
  • Ultimate weather resistance
  • For internal as well as External purpose
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