Pentens® SPU-1000

15 Sep


Pure Polyurea Waterproofing Spray Coating



PENTENS SPU 1000 is a solvent free, two-component pure polyurea spray coating. The seamless coating provides an elastic yet tear resistant surface for applications subjected to extreme wear and tear, strong impact and chemical exposure. Except for some yellowing effect, the coating is suitable for outdoor applications.


PENTENS SPU is suitable for indoor and outdoor application such as:
§ Outdoor and indoor Floor slabs
§ Potable water tank lining
§ Sewage treatment plants
§ Water theme park, Decoration Design, playgrounds
§ Secondary Containment for chemical tanks
§ Swimming pools and waste water tanks
§ Waterproofing
§ Pipe / pipeline coating & lining
§ Flooring and Parking Decks
§ Bridge Coating
§ Truck Bed Liners
§ Marine
§ Line Striping


  • High elasticity
    § Strong and tough, extremely high mechanical properties.
    § Seamless
    § Chemical resistance – very good resistance to wide range of industrial chemicals.
    § Hard wearing
    § Outstanding impact resistance
    § Non-skid
    § Excellent bond strengths to properly prepared substrates
    § Fast Set. Return to Service in Minutes (Often Seconds)


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